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SECOURS POPULAIRE: public-spirited action of iya
The SECOURS POPULAIRE FRANCAIS (SPF) leads many actions, in France and all over the world.

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In France, the Secours populaire is mostly dedicated to exclusion problems related to children and poor families. Short term actions consist on providing food and clothing. Long term, we look to enable professional integration, access to culture, sports, hobbies, health, holidays, defense of human rights, while preserving everybody’s dignity in mutual collaboration. It was the occasion for iya to meet children from the SPF coming from different countries (France, Belgium, Mali, Senegal, etc.). Iya shared his pleasure of the ball with children who found that his show was absolutely fantastic, thanks to his skills, but also his enjoyment of life. ”I’m not here for business, I wanted to meet the children.” Iya confirmed on his stand.
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